Reflexology can help mothers-to-be stay comfortable during this time of intense change


​Reflexology is great for improving your wellbeing. A balanced lifestyle of eating healthily, exercising regularly and thinking positively are all ways to help improve your general wellbeing.

Your reflexology

Your session will be tailored to you, taking into account any physical and non-physical factors that could be affecting your current health & wellbeing.

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relax, recharge & restore

Your reflexology

Reflexology is great for helping whatever life is throwing your way. Please give me a call to discuss  how it can help you

Benefits of reflexology

​The benefits of reflexology can include: 

Aiding relaxation

Releasing tension

Improving sleep

Improving mood

Increasing wellbeing


Reflexology can help improve mood, sleep and help with hot flushes


Reflexology can be used as part of a holistic approach to help couples become families

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