the BiG TOE Reflexology

Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1

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the BiG TOE reflexology


Appointments Monday-Saturday

I work weekdays and weekends so please contact me as I'm sure I'll be able to fit around your schedule. 


I offer traditional reflexology and hot stone reflexology.


Once we've confirmed our session, I will email you a health questionnaire to fill in, asking you to send it back to me prior to our first meeting so I have a chance to research anything that may help our time together. Once you're with me, we will chat through the questionnaire and I will gain a thorough understanding of you and what you're hoping to achieve from our sessions.

It will then be time to take off your shoes and socks and give your feet a warm soak. Depending on the temperature and how cosy you like to be I will cover you with a blanket. You'll be lying back with your feet resting on a footrest and wrapped in towels. Unwrapping the feet, I will warm them up before massaging the reflex points on the left foot and then the reflex points on the right foot, all the while concentrating on any areas we may have discussed. Reflexology treats the body as a whole so I will massage all the reflex points on the feet and then go back to concentrate on particular reflexes that I believe will benefit you. 

At the end of the treatment I will give you a glass of water. The key to a successful reflexology session is drinking plenty of water afterwards to flush out the toxins. We will have a chat about anything I found of interest or if you felt anything particular. Don't worry, there is never any pain or ticklishness. Some people suddenly catch their breath while I'm working on a particular reflex, or they may have a tingle in their nose or feel a surge or warmth through their stomach. Whether you feel something or nothing,  reflexology will leave you relaxed, calmed and soothed.

Your session will be tailored to you, taking into account any physical and non-physical factors that might be affecting your current wellbeing. And if you're just looking for a relaxing massage, that works too.

Some people find it works for them - some don't. Please get in touch and find out!