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Reflexology for fertility

As more people struggle with unexplained infertility, reflexology can be used as part of a holistic approach to help couples become families.  We'll look at your diet, exercise, lifestyle and other factors that could be having an effect.

Together we can help:

*Balance your hormone levels

*Stimulate endorphin release (your feel good hormone) 

*Regulate your menstrual cycle

*Boost your blood circulation

*Improve your sleep


Stress and anxiety can be a huge factor when trying to conceive. The longer you've been trying to conceive, the greater the stress on your emotional and physical state, and a cycle is started. With it's calming and soothing effects, reflexology can be a highly successful method of helping to manage and reduce this.

If you're being treated by fertility professionals, reflexology can also help to enhance these treatments and boost your chance of success.

In 2020 I attended an in depth training  course,  Barbara Scott 's Reproflexology Training.

The course provided a wealth of techniques to help couples improve their fertility naturally as well as assisting  medicated cycles.