the BiG TOE story

Hello, my name is Kathryn.

I am a registered Association of Reflexology therapist having completed my training in 2003. The power of reflexology is continually surprising me and I find meeting new people, hearing their stories and seeing how reflexology can help them, simply amazing. I know each and every one of us is a wonderful yet complex machine. Reflexology is a great way to help our inner engines restore and maintain themselves.

I chose the name the BiG TOE for no particular reason and many reasons. I liked the name, that was the 'no particular reason.' Reflexology treats the body as a whole and the big toe is an easily identifiable part of the body. It holds the head (including the brain), neck and top of the spinal cord reflexes so represents our knowledge and nerve epicentres. The brain is the initiator of body movement and controls our behaviour. It's the source of all qualities that define us as humans and it is the crown jewel of the human body. I also trekked to some dinosaur footprints in Sucre, Bolivia. These have to be the biggest and greatest toes I'll ever see. And so the BiG TOE was created.

Having read Jane Sheehan's book Let's Read Our Feet! I've subsequently learnt that if you have a very big, big toe, this means you're fantastic at brainstorming, coming up with new ideas and thinking outside the box. If you're looking for a problem solver, find someone with a big toe! However, if you have a small big toe, you're a great multi-tasker juggling lots of things at once and never loosing your way. If you've got a lot to do with not much time, a small big toe will help you achieve the impossible.

Additional courses:

*Introduction to Reflexology as a communication tool between mother and unborn baby with Heinrike Bergmans

*Pre-conceptual, pregnancy and post-natal course with the London School of Reflexology

*Hot Stone Reflexology with Sally Earlam

*Nutrition & Health Level 2

*Baby Reflex and Toddler Reflex practitioner course - teaching parents how to give reflexology to their children

​*Natural facelift massage with Purple Turtle Training

​*First Aid​​

*Reproflexology training with Barbara Scott 

"Was lovey to see you yesterday. Good news I didn't have one hot flush yesterday afternoon. Plus slept so well last night. Definitely think the reflexology is helping." 

Happy BiG TOE client

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Email: kathryn@thebigtoe.co.uk       

Find me: Stone Street, Tunbridge Wells TN1

"I was new to reflexology and Kathryn clearly explained everything from the get go. After each session I feel relaxed, grounded and have a certain feeling of positivity. I look forward to each appointment to achieve these results"

Happy BiG TOE client

"Thank you so much for the treatment. It really was totally amazing. I felt so good since the treatment and haven't had any sciatica twinges"

Happy BiG TOE client